Hey there,

The problem is pretty simple do describe.
If you go to our costumer's site: https://www.pordata.pt

...and try to type (in front of the domain name) a word that doesn't match an existing page, the SEO is not redirecting to custom handlers "not found" page.

Example that works correctly: https://www.pordata.pt/blablabla.aspx

Example that doesn't work: https://www.pordata.pt/blablabla

This problem only happens at the site SEO root level. If you check out this page: https://www.pordata.pt/Portugal
....and try to add any word in front of Portugal, it will "catch" the exception and redirect back to the Portugal page (example: https://www.pordata.pt/Portugal/blablabla).

I was assuming the same logic would apply to the Homepage, but apparently not.
Can someone throw about any ideas on this?



The difference is that pordata.pt/{CountryName} redirects to something like Country.aspx?Country={CountryName}

Also, pordata.pt/{CountryName}/{SomethingElse} goes to Country.aspx?Country={CountryName} and discards the rest.

Therefore, when you write /blablabla, it tries to find a country blablabla and fails. The /blablabla.aspx falls into a different rule that recognizes *.aspx as invalid links. You need the same logic in the preparation of Country.aspx (or what's its name).

Hey Nuno,

That would be the solution if that was the case.
In fact, the /Portugal is a screen with no input params, like /Europa is another, like /Destaques is another.

We have many screens that are not related to each other, that are at the "root" level of the site. The SEO should be smart enough to know that /blablabla is not a screen and redirect to custom handlers. That is my problem. But thank you anyway ;)