Transitioning to the OutSystems Language

Transitioning to the OutSystems Language

Hi people,

One common question we get while training people to use the Agile Platform is how do OutSystems concepts map into other languages, such as C# or Java, and vice-versa.

To cope with this, we created the attached sheet to hand out to developers that are used to traditional web development through text coding.

I have two questions for all of you who were (or still are) used to develop with other programming languages before starting developing with OutSystems:
  1. Is the attached developer cheat sheet useful? Is it missing anything that would be handy?
  2. Which other languages / frameworks were you used to develop with that we should include in this developer cheat sheet? Besides .NET and J2EE (which we are about to include in this document).

As I started with the AgilePlatform, this document helped specially useful in mapping the VS.NET solutions and projects metaphor t po the platform's Applications and eSpaces. Later I more used the document whenever I wanted to translate my understanding of how to do something in .NET to that in AgilePlatform.
Once I got through my first AgilePlatform application, the document was not much help as was the Help of the Service Studio.

Good work.

It would be good to have a .JAVA version of this document :)