I am currently creating a traditional webpage where I have linked an external SQL database to display on the screen using an aggregate. I have 22 columns in that database and I want to display 4-5 of them. I realize that the aggregate chooses the columns for you, but I am unsure how to get the ones I want to display and the other ones hidden.

I looked at other posts and a lot of them had the idea that Andre Dinis had about using extended properties style=none, but how would I get the columns I want to show to show up? 

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Recently I did a move/hide columns based on this component (it only moves, but I edited it a bit).


For what you need, try this small example.

What I did was just:

-Create a static entity with all the columns (I got tired very fast so you only have 7)

-Set a table to make columns visible/invisible and configure a onChange to refresh the main table

-in all cells of the main table place the display:none.

You can even do it all JS if you want, but this shows better the OS logic.

Extra Tip: you can define the visible/invisible columns by default.