while development, soon after go into the Form, outsystems not responding

i am learning on development of this ssytem.

soon after go into the Form, i created a blank form, the outsystems go into the process by after that not responding. i tried many time by force shutdown and restart again. but each time on form session the outsystem become not respond.

i also find this on following template guideline to create mobile app

any body could help ? thanks

Hello Liston.

It's a bit hard to understand what you wrote.

Do you mean that Service Studio is not responding? In development or when publishing?

If you have the module open and are not publishing, the issue is not with OutSystems server, but maybe local resources.

And what the mobile app as to do with it?

Hello Nuno,

yes, i did mean the Service Studio is not responding. it is in development.  it happened in both mobile app and traditional web. 

if it is on my local resources, more precisely what is the cause?

thank you.

hello Nuno,

i am follow the lab tutorial. the not responding status is occurred each time when i am on the creating form.



hi all,

I feel my laptop has met the OS, memory specifications. so I do reinstall Windows and follow the outsystems tutorial. the way it works and there are no more errors especially when creating a form.

Thank you.