Upload excel - limitations and best practise


What is the max size of the .xlsx file that can be uploaded to outsystems ? 

and / or how many rows and cols ?

my plan is soon after the xlsx file get uploaded, I am going to enumerate each rows and apply some business logics on it

what is the best practise on this ?

Is there any other constraints or limitations that I need to aware of ?

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Armel Hamzah


I am not sure about max file size and constraints or limitations. I would assume up to 30K rows should not be problem.

With respect to best practice, I think its advised to start a timer to do processing in background and if possible segregate the processing into its own timer. for example when loading huge excel, soon after the file is uploaded I would start a timer which can read a table to see if any files need processing, reads the file and loads it into another table and start a new timer; This new timer can read from the table and process the records in batch. Be sure to take into consideration of failed cases and timeout while designing timers. Check this