table form where i need to extra blank rows


I am a newbie working on a web app, now I have a requirement where I require to create a table in which I would be able to add data. 

For example, below is the table, where only 2nd column, first 3 rows are only predefined, rest of the columns should be manually filled.

1st,2nd,3rd columns should be mandatory. 4th column should be non-mandatory. last 3 rows should be present like as it is(empty).

NameRoleNameEmail IdPhone




                          Note: If I can have a table with first 3 rows and if I can get any additional blank row, that will also work. 

Please help me on this requirement. If there is any other approach then let me know that as well.



Hello Ankita,

Adding "empty" rows to a Table Records is easy.
Use the ListAppend server action (from the System module) to add an empty record to the source of the TableRecords, in the preparation (after fetching data), in for looping, so when your TableRecords is rendered by the server, it will have the extra rows.

Hope this helps.

As for "editing" them, this is a different thing and make a TableRecords "editable" will require extra logic, inputs instead of expressions, etc. Some people would recommend EditableTable, but I found it causes more trouble than implement A "Editable" Table/ListRecords by hand.



I agree with Eduardo that EditableTable is the best option to do it. But you can able to do it by using Listappend also with adding blank data as my friend told previously. I also agree with him. 

Please try that and let us know.

We are waiting  for your feedback,

Thank you,


As to describe my requirement properly,

I have 3 fixed "group Names" for which I need to add phone number and Email Id accordingly and mandatory for all 3 names. These 3 group names are present in all the teams, hence I should also be able to filter by team names.

In additional, if I have to add any new group name to that team I should be able to do that as well.

1)filter by teamName


groupName1   |  PhoneNumber  |  EmailId

groupName2   |  PhoneNumber  |  EmailId

groupName3   |  PhoneNumber  |  EmailId

3) AddNewGroupName

Please help me how can I do this.




Please provide more details.

Hi Suraj,

Lets say I have 3 groupnames- A,B and C. Fro all the 3 group names I should add contact details. These 3 groups are part of other teams also. I will have to add teamwise. For example, firstly, for team XYZ, 3 group- A,B and C along with their contact num. Next I have to update the same for for team PQR. 








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Hi Ankita,
If you are using entity to manage group, team, contact and email. Then you need to make entity

1. Team with attribte teamid and teamname

2. Group with attribte Groupid and Groupname and contact and email

3. and one junction entity teamgroup with attribute teamid and groupid

Now if you have 3 fixed record in group lets suppose A,B,C and contact and email is empty

Now add aggregate in preperation for teamgroup entity with teamid

This will display three group as it will present for team1 and show it on editable table records with input for contact and email. Now update them onsaverow in database

now when you will filter for team2 it again contain same group but now contact and email you will recieve from first team and so on for other team.

Hope this will help you.