[Custom Input Masks] MaskCurrency, delete adds a zero

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Published on 23 Jul (11 days ago) by Huarlem Lima
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Published on 23 Jul (11 days ago) by Huarlem Lima


we are facing a problem with the MaskCurrency. 

It is in the demopage as well: https://mferreira.outsystemscloud.com/CustomInputMasksSample/Examples.aspx?(Not.Licensed.For.Production)=


1. Enter a currency, e.g. 1234,56.

2. reposition the caret just before the ,

3. Press the Delete button.

4. the value now is 12340,56, which is wrong.

I didn't see this bug happening on https://robinherbots.github.io/Inputmask/ (version 5) so perhaps the library must be updated to version 5.



Hi Hans,

You are right. since i never use del never notice this behavior. Maybe next week I will have some time to look into this and let you know.



Version 5 has another problem that it might multiple values by 1000 on / just before submitting the page. We are now testing version 3.3.11 which doesn't have those two problems.

Thx for the information. Currently we are using Version: 4.0.8. I will try and find what is the difference.