Page goes back to top when refreshed - Reactive Web App


I am currently migrating an OutSystems web app to OutSystems Reactive Web App. I noticed that when I refresh the page, it goes back to top while in the old web app, it stays on the same view on screen. Even if I try to navigate to other pages and go back, it still goes back to top, while in the old app, it doesn't. Is there any solution I can do so that it will stay on the same view before I refresh or navigate to other pages? I am new to OutSystems by the way.


You can make a server action in javascript that allow scroll to element, in the input this function receives de CSS classname of the element you want to see when the page refresh. 

Like this:

Hope it helps :)

Thanks for the response Nelio! I think that function only allows the page to go the element with the class you input in the function when page is refreshed? What I meant is for the page to return to the same view on screen that I left before refreshing or navigating to another page.


Sorry for the delay, only now i can go to the forum, you can use this server action when you need, you don´t need to refresh the page, as soon as you call the function ScrollToElement, the page goes to where your css class are.