Controlling when an application updates

Does anyone know of any methods to control the update process and to prevent the auto update of an application publish from occurring at an inconvenient time?

During testing sessions, after publishing a bug fix, I have noticed this occurring during a sync process. Depending on where in the sync process the application is, this can be very bad for the data integrity in the app as it can halt the sync process midway and at a point when data is in an inconsistent state.


What you mean for auto update applications? 

Can you give an example please?



Apologies Lucas. I don't think I got the email notification, and have only just seen your question.

I realise I was not clear that this is specific to mobile apps. and those doing an update.

Normally these application updates typically happen shortly after a resume, and this can easily conflict with a synchronization that was also triggered by the resume. As far as I can tell, the sync seems to get interrupted by the update, and this can be at a critical point that upsets data integrity. It is important to be clear that his is not the only time the update can happen, which makes turning off sync on resume only a partial fix.