[Data Grid Web] Numbers Column Not Accepting Decimals
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I have an urgent requirement to enter decimals in a number column I note that this was supposedly fixed in 2.1.2 either I'm setting it up wrong or it is broken in 2.1.4

Hope someone can help fix this




Have been advised by support to use the advanced format with "format:'nx'" where x is the number of decimals

Is this broken again in DataGridWeb Version 2.19.2 

This value in Advanced Format does not allow any decimals in number column cell for me:


Never mind. It works fine now.

I had some kind of glitch with my grid. I deleted columns and added those again and it started to work.

.. and now I found a bug, which causes it. Adding width-value to earlier column disables possibility to use decimals.

Attached a gif video from the issue.

Workaround is to add width to Advanced Format -field like this.. 

"align: 'right', width: 100"

This is not a valid workaround.  I had to revert to a prior published version of datagrid in order to retain existing functionality.   

Can you show how did you try that workaround, because it works for me? 

If you use Advanced Format -field e.g. with this value "width: 100", you have to leave that width-property empty. 

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