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Published on 2019-02-19 by Vera Tiago
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Published on 2019-02-19 by Vera Tiago

Hi All,

While calling the Salesforce API from out system through “Salesforce Login”  Login attempts keeps increasing from the salesforce side. This is because each server action will have the “Salesforce Login”, please refer the screen shot in below.  is it possible to reduce Salesforce Login count/

It will be better, if for entire application Salesforce Login will be used only one time. Meaning -- until the user gets logged out. Please help on this

FYI: we have “19 Server actions using from Outsystem to Salesforce connector each server action having “Salesforce Login”


Ganesh kumar.C

Hi Ganeshkumar,

On your Integration module, you can have a server action that checks if the login in Salesforce was already done by storing the SessionId from Salesforce in a session variable. This way, the SalesforceLogin action from SalesforceConnector will only be called when the login was not done yet.

Something like that: