How to check the plugin availability


I am integrating Jumio cordova plugin in my application in order to scan the documents. For that i have called the following URL in the extensibility configuration.

    "plugin": [

Now i am trying to check the availability of the plugin in the following format:

1. checking for the cordova defined. If it isn't throwing cordova is not defined error. If it is defined the checking for the availability of the plugin.

2. JS used for plugin availability check. 

$parameters.PluginExists = typeof(cordova.jumio) !== "undefined";

3. If the plugin exists parameter returns true, then we are showing plugin available message. Else we are showing plugin is not available message.

4. For us, we are continuously receiving false flag which shows plugin is not available.

Kindly suggest us:

Does the plugin checking availability is correct or wrong.

The right way to check the plugin availability.


Vignesh balasubramanian


Try this $parameters.PluginExists = !!window.Jumio; or $parameters.PluginExists = !!window.JumioMobileSDK;


After adding the plugin are generating the mobile app again or not?

Whenever your adding a plugin to your application it is mandatory to regenerate the .APK/.IPA file and then reinstall it in your device.

And don't forget this note:
Plugins are meant to work in the device, not in the browser. Try testing the app in a device by generating an app.

Nuno Verdasca