Where does LifeTime get the application name?

We have recently upgraded our environments to the latest version (so now we can create reactive applications) and some of the applications from the forge have changed their names (for instance Charts Mobile is now Outsystems Charts), because they now contain libraries. 

In LifeTime we still see the old name, where does LifeTime get these names? At first we thought it was because production hadn't been upgraded and LifeTime got the name from there but last night we upgraded PROD as well (and uploaded the newest versions of the applications from the forge) but the name in LifeTime is still the old name. 

Can we synchronise this somehow? It would make more sense to have the new names in LifeTime.


Life Time data are coming from the OUtsystems Systems Table of the entity. I hope it will still capture the name of the old version of the component. Did the latest component name show in the Service Studio? Please check it first.

If it is showing old name then confirm that the versions are not updated properly.

Please check and let me know,

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Well, the application I am talking about doesn't show up in Service Studio because all it has is a library module.

I have another example: "Input Masks Mobile" has now become "Input Masks Library". This name DOES show up in Service Studio, and it is the same in all my environments, but not in LifeTime. 

Can this be fixed?

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Wendy Tromp