Missing Dropdown patterns for Web?

On SilkUI Patterns page described ButtonDropdown, IconDropdown and InlineDropdown. But I can't use them because I can't find them on Widget Palette, on Search (to the top right corner of Service Studio) and in any appropriate dependencies such as OutSystemsUIWeb and RichWidgets. All components updated. Service Studio version Is there additional forge component to use them? (Don't recommend to install Silk UI Web, it already installed.) Or there is more tricky way to make my own pattern block to reuse later?


Hi Aliaksandr,

Be sure to reference those patterns first. They're in the WebPatterns Module:


Thanks Kilian,

I didn't saw WebPatterns producer

Yeah, it doesn't have the most recognizable name :). You'd expect something with "SilkUI" in the name :).


I have another question.

Seems it don't works. I placed IconDropdown (previously tried with InlineDropdown), put inside 2 links and after publiching i saw that Dropdown is permanently expanded and there's an error in Chrome Dev Tools Console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: SilkUI is not defined
    at Dropwdown.en.js?1046:81

This string: SilkUI.Dropdowns = new DropdownsObject();

Hi Aliaksandr,

For the SilkUI patterns to work, you need a Theme based on SilkUI.