Accessing a record list

Accessing a record list


I have a recordlist in a webscreen which I use to keep track of a simple list.
To show the list (inside) a recordtable I have used a webblock which uses a record-list as input parameter.

NOTE: it is an in-memory list, no access to database is needed.

now when I want to delete records I cannot access the list of the webblock from the webscreen, and I cannot access the local variable in the webscreen from the webblock (the last one is logic)

I don't understand why I cannot access the list from the webscreen itself.

To bypass it possible I can use a session-variable, but then I get a scalable suggestion to not use a record-list as a session-variable.

what to do?
Could you post a simple .oml with what you are trying to do? I have the felling you're going for something too complicated for what you want...
I try to make a solution soon, quite busy with outsystems.

here you go with a simple oml.