Can we automate web application using OutSystems Platform?


I am new to outsystems platform, so have some doubts. So my question is, can we automate web application just like RPA or Selenium do?  

I am familiar with RPA and Selenium, but the client requirements is OutSystems. They wanted we should be able to automate and extract data from web application using OutSystems platform.

Thanks in advance!!!


Hi Yasmeen,

That's totally not what OutSystems is meant for, and the short answer is that this is not possible. OutSystems is a software development tool for developing enterprise grade applications, both web and mobile.

Hi Yasmeen,

Although you already asked a similar question (, which I replied, you should look into the forge component that I suggested you and see if it's worthy to dig into it.

Basically I used this Demo (, that by the name I supose that was presented in NextStep2019, and tried to adapt to another case. Instead of scraping Swift Bank Codes.

I tried to go into an online portuguese newspaper (Observador) and catch the last news of the day. To do that, I just needed to identify the Selectors that hold the information that I want. 

This was my result:

It was a basic test to see the possibilities. Now, you just need to see the complexity of the data that you want to scrap and how far you can go with outsystems.

However, you have nice and intuitive RPA Softwares available in the market. For example, for what i see, Uipath can be connected with outsystems.

Best regards,

João Delgado