How to delete the application and all tables related to the application

Hi All,

I have an application in non production environment. Now, I need to delete the application and all the related tables from that environment.
Application I could delete from service center. But the tables associated to the application are not deleted.

How do I delete all the tables associated to an application? 



Hi Sai,

If you delete the application I believe all the data/tables that are related to it will be deleted. Otherwise you can also use this component to perform that. Be careful because at the moment you delete the tables, you cannot recover them anymore (if I'm not mistaken).


Hi Sai,

You have to use the DB Cleaner API or a component like the one mentioned by Tiago Gomes.

OutSystems never deletes database tables or columns.



Hello Sai,

As Tiago suggested you can use DB Cleaner API or you can use Advance SQL query DROP 

DROP TABLE table_name;

Hope this helps you.



Hi Sai,

I had the same problem few days ago, so i made a plugin to solve it, if you still need a solucion try it and give a feedback.