Not able to publish application.

Hi all,

Publishing the application i get following error,

does anyone has any idea on this ?



Hi Dhiraj,

Looks like you don't have permission to publish that specific application, do you got full rights to change and publish other applications? Go to the service center, on the module that you're trying to publish and check the permissions.

Hope it helps! Cheers!

Hi Dhiraj,

please check the permission of the module in the service center. Make sure your username having full control.


If you have implemented role permissions in LifeTime, then only users with a role that have "Full Control" are allowed to set a dependency to a system object.

If you also implemented teams in LifeTime with applications they maintain, then you could create a team and call it something like "Systems components" add to the Applications the application "System components". And add all users that should be allowed to deploy system components.

On a side note:

In the latest release of the platform LifeTime control of IT user permissions has more granularity, including the permission Add Reference to System.

For more information see: