A client had the request of using Google's Endpoint Management capabilities. Tho I can't find much information regarding using this with OutSystems.

Has anyone got some experience with this???

Hi Roemer,

I share with you a generic information.

To provide even greater agility, OutSystems 11 introduces low-code microservices, which deliver all the benefits of microservices, relying on automation to eliminate the repetitive tasks they can add to traditional development.

New language elements called Service Actions are implemented like Server Actions. They are automatically available to other modules according to the governance model you define in LifeTime, but under the hood, they are deployed as REST endpoints. This means that you don’t have to worry about service discovery, how to route the requests to the correct endpoint or how to implement security for them. OutSystems 11 takes care of all this. And, it provides logging and monitoring for these microservices.

Dependency management ensures that any change is not going to break the work of other teams by warning developers of any potential impact.

OutSystems Low-Code Microservices

I hope this information be a kick-off for what you looking.
Nuno Verdasca