Columns with related height to each other, not aligned


I'm developing a traditional web app, with ServiceStudio 11.

I have a screen with a Structure/Columns4. In the first column, I have the titles of the data that I'll show on the second column:

Title:  my_data     Title2:  My_data2

When the data in the second column is big, this colum is pushed down, making it so that the data in the rows below is no longer aligned with the titles of the first row.

In the sample image:

We can see that there are 5 rows in column 1, but 3 on column two, because of data on row 2 has pushed down all others in the same column 2. Now the titles in row 1 are not aligned with the data in row 2.

What can I do to remedy this? Thank you.


Hi Ulises Amaya,

You have problem with only first and second column so instead of taking Structure/Columns4 just use Structure/Columns2 and In first column use container  for each row separately or use table with 5 rows and 2 column or use 5 Structure/Columns2 to represent each row (Use the solution which suits your design). and In second column again use Structure/Columns2 to use the third and fourth column as usual. Hope this will help you.


Thank you, I did your first suggestion of creating a structure of 2 columns and then placing a table inside each column:

Now they are alligned. Thanks!