Hi all.

I wonder if it possible to compare 2 RecordLists of the same type.

I tried but it always give me an error:
"Incompatible data types in neq operator ('RecordList','RecordList')".

Funny, I just had the exact same experience. I have a feeling that I'm just going to have to iterate through each one and compare the individual records. :( Please let me know if you found something better!

I too need this ..does anyone has any idea about this?
Can't you convert it to XML and compare the results?
It's better than an iteration by each and every value.
 Is there any extension available for comparing record for each value ..or i need to create my own?

Just an idea (not tested, I don't know if it would actually work, or if it'd be acurate).
There is a ToObject() Built in function.

Couldn't you just build an extension that received two objects, internally converts both to byte array, then compares the length of the byte arrays?

That is, if the only thing you need to know is if the recordlists are different.