Screen layout corrupet on IE - Reactive Web

I am trying Reactive Web screen for the first time.

Screen layout corrupted when displayed in IE.

Even the login screen is the same.

Chrome is fine.

Traditional Web is fine on both browser.

What does this cause?
How can I avoid this?


Hi Meg,

I don't know if it helps but in the Browser/End user requirements can be found here , for web applications in the internet Explorer 11 says Traditional Web only.


Hi Nelio,

Thank you for the information.

I did not check the requirements. And I am disappointed to know that because IE is the standard in our customer.

Hi Meg2,

There is a component on Forge that you can use to adapt your Reactive application (using polyfills) for IE.

Be aware that it is not 100% compliant with Outsystems UI (some widgets like flip content won't work) but you can try it.



Hi Luis,

Thank you for your information.

This time I built the system with Traditional Web, so I'd like to use it at the next opportunity.