GetBrowser removed from OutSystemsUI

It seems the GetBrowser client action that was available in OutSystemsUIWeb is not available in OutSystemsUI used in reactive web applications.

Will this return? Any alternatives?


I Know if you open a clone of the Webpatterns module, you'll find a server action under the GlobalContext_Private folder called detectBrowser which is not public. You can copy it and use it in your logic.

Hope it helps,

Thank you for the info. 

A client action would be preferrable, so maybe I can download the old OutSystemsUIWeb and try to copy the code behind that GetBrowser action. Not sure it is clone-able though.

Hi Tim,

With the upgrade of OutSystems UI Mobile to support Reactive Web, the browser detection was implemented but it's not available as public action.

Currently the only way to get the browser is to verify which class is being added on the Body of the page vi JavaScript:

We will deliver this action in a near future, thank you for pointing this out.

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Ok, thank you for the info, Dinis.

Well, it seems that with reactive web, in IE11, there is no browser class whatsoever on the body.

Only <body class= "windows desktop landscape">