Installation Problem

Installation Problem

I am running a local Apache Server and MySQL on my machine. Apache is running on port=80. When I try to install it tells me to stop the httpd.exe service then after I have done so, it wants me to restart my server on port 80 which I always get a error.

Can I run my Apache Sever with the outsystems product. If so how do I install?

Hi Gary,



Are you using the Community Edition? If so, it uses IIS (Internet Information Services) as the application server, to host your .NET applications developed with the Agile Platform. IIS uses port 80 also.


Hence, you need to configure Apache to run on another port, 8080, for instance. Check out this thread on how to run change Apache default port, basically:


  1. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> Stop APache2
  2. Open the Apache config file C:\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf
            Look for Listen and change 80 to 8080. Save the file and close it.
  3. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> Start APache2
  4. Open your web browser and type http://localhost:8080/ to check that you get Apache


Hope this helps! Cheers,



Rodrigo Castelo