Reporting a SPAM

Hello OutSystems,

There's raising activity of spammers on forum, but community members can only dislike this posts. Can you add a feature to report this posts, so your moderators after receiving reports will review this posts and remove them more quickly?


I agree with you. Last days I saw it a lot spam posts.

I found 2 ideas about that. Please give a look to first 2 of the list:



Hello Aliaksandr.

There are automatic and manual filters so what you see is just a small part of what is really arriving. The more popular OS gets, the more spammers will receive.

If you want, you can use the dislike button but it is not worth the effort.

What I usually recommend is to never comment. The posts read first by moderators are the ones unanswered and if SPAM remains there, they are easier to spot.

There was a thirs. I've merged them all. I've also added a reply there, why I think a spam reporting button is useless.