[OutSystems UI Web] ListBox with Dropdown Select Refresh Error
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 24 Aug 2020


I have a ListBox bounded to a Dropdown Select with an Advanced Query as the Source Record List. Whenever I select or unselect a value, I want to refresh the query to restrict the options I have on the List Box.

This works fine if I select the first option on the list. If I select any other option then I get this error:

which stops me from having the desired behaviour.

This doesn't happen if I don't refresh the query and the widget, but I need to refresh it to get the correct options.

Is this a bug on the widget?

hi Luis Santos,

Refresh dropdownselect widget also. May this will help you. and I am little bit confused about your logic. if possible then send oml this will help to understand.

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The attachment didn't go through the last time, let's see if it goes this time...


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Hello Luis,

Just to let you know that the R&D team is analyzing this issue in order to have a fix for it as soon as we can.

We'll let you know if we need more information.



This is some old issue generated by git hub as dropdown select is made up from there only
In git hub this has been handelled by multiple person by adding one empty option. But here I don't able to do so.


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Is there an update or workaround for this issue?