I'm trying to create a cookie with "setcookie"(httprequesthandler extension), and then redirect to another site where i whant
to read that cookie. I have placed a addSesisonToUrl too before my redirection.
When i try to read the cookies collection, in my redirected site, the collection it's empty, so how do I manage to pass cookies between sites with outsystems.


Cookies are restricted by domain for security reasons. So a cookie set on www.mycoolsite1.com cannot be read on www.mycoolsite2.com.

If for some reason you do need to share cookies between 2 web servers it is possible to set and read cookies by only the last 2 parts of the domain (by setting cookie.domain=mycoolsite.com). So www1.mycoolsite.com could share a cookie with www2.mycoolsite.com. If you do need to do this, keep it to a minimum and don't reuse that cookie name for other purposes, once you set a cookie by a domain you'll have to check for and clear it by domain, it's a pain and easily forgotten later.

You should have the path set to "/" in case you want to use cookies in multiple eSpaces !!