Passing a record list of a non-specified entity

I'm trying to build a fully reusable webblock containing a list item and I am looking to pass a record list to the webblock (as an input parameter) from whichever screen implements the webblock.

The issue here is that the input parameter appears to require me to define the specific entity that the record list would come from but this would severely limit the reusability of my webblock as it would force me to rebuild if I want to use a different entity.

Is there a way to just pass an "entity" Record List that would work for any entity, so that I can use the same webblock to display different (unrelated) data?

I'm working in a Reactive WebApp using Service Studio 11.6.7, build 4906


you can use a structure that will be used on the screen, create the structure with the required fields and create a variable in the web block with the type of structure you created, you will have dynamic data, which will be treated in preparation, you can change fields, add or remove them whenever


one solution I can think of is send the data in JSON and use JavaScript to display the record.

second solution would be to convert the entity into some generic structure of rows and column and pass this generic structure to web block