Switching language with SetCurrentLocale.

Switching language with SetCurrentLocale.

SetCurrentLocal does not seem to be working in the common environment.
In my private space I set de currentlocale to nl-NL and everything including the richwidgets is being translated. Everithing seems to be working fine. But when I try this in the common environment it works fine for the first page. But for the second page the currentlocale is switched back to en-EN.

Can anyone explain way this is happening?

I have also that problem.
Hello Niek,

Can you tell us where and when are you running that action?
Is it set in a Block that is present in all the screens?

Best Regards,
Gonçalo M.
We're using SetCurrentLocale in timers, to make sure the default language (English) isn't used. Otherwise, we're using Enterprise Manager that has a per-user language. Also on the development environment we have a widget in the header to switch languages. Never had a problem.

@Rafal: Could you elaborate a bit on the problem? What platform version are you using, at what stage do you call SetCurrentLocale, etc.?