[Wish] Show Images (on servicestudio) contained on shared web blocks.

[Wish] Show Images (on servicestudio) contained on shared web blocks.

please, show images contained on shared web blocks when editing the consumer espace using servicestudio.
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That would be great,

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Hi people,



Why do you need to know the images contained in the referenced Web Blocks? And are you refering to static images used in an Image widget or to images defined in the CSS?




static images
Ok! And why would it be useful to know which static images are used inside the referenced Web Block?
why not? as you can see in the subject, is just an wish ...

but, in my opinion, this should be considered an platform error.
Why show a red cross, reporting a missing (static) image, when designing the screen and show it in runtime?

Ahah! That is a bug, Bruno.


My understanding of your wish was that you wanted to see in the eSpace tree the images of a Web Block. The preview of images when you use a Web Block in a Web Screen is obviously understandantable.


Was everyone on this thread requesting the same? Wich version of the platform are you using? I couldn't reproduce that behavior with version,

note that, if image exists (with the same name) in the consumer espace, the servicestudio will show it.

Thanks Bruno! Can you please submit an example of the consumer/producer where this occurs through an email to support@outsystems.com?


Btw, have you tried to refresh the consumed Web Blocks? Just open the Add/Remove References window, select the Web Block line on your right, and click the refresh button that appears.

Hi Bruno,



Any news on this? Have you tried to refresh the referenced Web Blocks, and did it fix the problem?


Please submit your eSpaces to support@outsystems.com if possible. We couldn't reproduce this behavior and need your eSpaces to try to understand why this problem occured.



Many thanks,