Community Edition Installation

When launching the community edition, it does not appear to allow any custom installation parameters.

I am trying to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud computing platform. I generated a basic windows server, which is automatically generated with a 10GB boot/system partition (C Drive) and a 150GB (D Drive). I then attached an "EBS" Volume as the E Drive which is where I want to store all the database and running eSpace applications, as this drive will be persistent across boots of the AMI.

Is there anyway to force the installer to install everything to a specified drive?



Hi Ken,



To fulfil your use case, you must install the Agile Platform using the standalone installers available in the TechCenter, here. We simplified the Community Edition installer to remove friction to new users. Therefore your advanced scenario is not covered.


After installing the Agile Platform using the standalone installers, simply upload the attached Community Edition license to Service Center.



Hope this addresses your use case. Thanks!

Hi Ken,

There is a new How-to Install the Agile Platform Community Edition in the Amazon Cloud with detailed instructions on how to cover your need.