Trusted Advisor Large variables in view state false positives?


We are seeing report from trusted advisor for large view states. However, we will like to understand more on how was it defined and is it a false positive for our case?

We have a input variable ( StructCase) to a webblock

Our structure only consist of basic date types, identifiers, date, text, integer, Boolean (refer to Large Variable Input Local Variable - Case Structure).

Referring to OutSystem August 2019 (R1907) release notes, (below), we should not have violated the rules.

Improved pattern “Large variables in view state”

Refined the pattern to only raise a  finding if the variable is a record and

. Has more than 5  fields
. One of the  fields is an object, binary, list or another record 


Viewstate is about which data from preperation you use directly in screen actions. 

For example, instead of directly refering the aggregate attributes you have to do a refresh data on the aggregates.


Thee is also a chrome plugin OutSystems Launcher that also shows you the size of an outsysems traditional web application.