When clicking on my RichWidgets\Popup_Editor link, a popup screen opens.
Inside this popup screen, a range slider is used to ask for user input.
Also, the range slider is in a container with 10px margins.

The problem is, each time we use the RangeSlider, another 10px margins cumulatively applies, making the screen content smaller and smaller.
Ideally, a user only uses the slider once and then submits, but it still reapplies the margins once too many.
When removing the container or setting its margins to 0px, the issue is no longer present, but for lay-out purposes, we really need the margins in the screen.

Can anyone clarify why the margins re-apply when using the ranger slider in a popup screen, and how I can solve the issue?


Meanwhile, I have discovered that setting RecenterOnResize on the Popup_Editor from True to False, fixes the issue.

However, I could still use an explanation to better understand why this happened and why this solution helped.