Bug (?) in Enterprise Manager 4.2.9

Bug (?) in Enterprise Manager 4.2.9

While trying to configure my Enterprise Manager to use LDAP authentication I've come across the following:

At the Login_LoginAction action, there is a query called "GetUserFromUsername" followed by a IF statement that checks if "GetUserFromUsername.List.Current.USER_MASTER.AuthenticationMode="LDAP" or (
Site.Ldap_Login and GetUserFromUsername.List.Current.USER_MASTER.AuthenticationMode<>"INT")". If the condition returns TRUE it proceeds with the LDAP authentication (by calling the action: Login_WithLdap) if not, it makes the default authentication (Login_General).

Now, if you take a look at the Login_WithLdap action you'll notice that a check is made to verify wether the account exists within the USER_MASTER table (which belongs to Enterprise Manager) or not and depending on the result, the account is created or updated. However, this code will never be executed the way it is (at least, not the one to create the account) as the Login_WithLdap action will never be called if the user does not exists in the Enterprise Manager due to the IF condition present at the Login_LoginAction.

I've changed the IF condition to "GetUserFromUsername.Count = 0 or GetUserFromUsername.List.Current.USER_MASTER.AuthenticationMode="LDAP" or (
Site.Ldap_Login and GetUserFromUsername.List.Current.USER_MASTER.AuthenticationMode<>"INT")" in order to fix this.

I'm not sure wether this is a bug or not as I'm still fairly new to the Outsystems platform and I could be missing something.

Best regards,
Filipe Esteves