How to give user Exception message when db extension is not available?

Hi All,

I am getting data from extension (Redshift db extension). This db extension connection is some time not available. Now it is showing default exception mesgge like "some thing happen, please wait" is showing. 

But I want to show user message like  " DB Connection lost. Please wait" like that msg want to disply whenever this db connection issue occur. 

Cud you some one help me (possible with simple example as i have not used user exception till now)




You'll have to throw an exception with an appropriate exception message in the Extension, then catch that in your code.

Hi Killian, 

Could you pls provide  sample oml file to refer. 



Hi Gangadhera,

I cannot, but I think what I've written is not that difficult to decipher? Exceptions thrown in Extensions are caught by OutSystems visual code just like Exceptions generated in other visual code.

Hi Gangadhera,

i think this could work for you


Frederick Lozano.