Restore my personal development environment


I had a personal environment in Outsystems. I would like to restore the applications I built.  The website gives me an option to download the App back up, but when I click on it, it gives me an access denied error

What is the best way to restore the development environment and resume work on the application.


As I understand, you do not work in your PE for a long period.
In this case, please check whether your environment is currently active or fell asleep.
If fell asleep, you need to 'Wake it up now'.

Article says:

If you stop developing in your Personal Environment for an extended period of time, your Personal Environment will be recycled. This allows saving resources for other developers. But don't worry! Long before that happens, we'll let you know. We'll send you emails remembering to continue developing in your Personal Environment.

Also remember that Detaching the source code of your applications is only available for enterprise subscriptions.

Sorry, maybe I misunderstood the problem.


Hi Maria, you could submit a support case and ask OutSystems support team to help.