How does cache the files in Web app while login ?

How to cache the files like audio,Video in browser cache.

Hi Kalai,

I do not think that the Forge component proposed by Nuno is what you should use, first of all it is not caching in your browser, instead it will consume RAM memory on the server.

Also caching by wrapping in a server actions is caching video (asumable lots of Mb) in RAM memory of the server.

Let me ask you some questions first:

  1. Where are you getting the audio or video resources from? Are they stored and retrieved from an OutSystems database?
  2. How do you let the user get to this content in the browser?

Normally the browser handles caching of resources automatically with a default expiration.

Please read this post for more details on the subject:




Found this component too, maybe worth while looking how it works and adopt it if possible.