How to show a list of items in excel?


How do i show the list of items in the app itself where each item stated in excel will be tagged to one image in outSystems?

And how do i change the 'record list' data type? 

Thanks for the help!!


Have you checked the Learn and follow the Becoming a Mobile Developer guided path?

If not, please do it, it will allow you to better understand the widgets that you are using.

Hi Nichole,

As Nuno already mentioned, the best way to learn how to develop outsystems mobile applications is by following the free online training material. This time investment is worthwhile, as it will learn you the concepts of OutSystems that you need to be able to develop applications.

I am convident that when you follow the training, you can solve the problems that you are now facing by just starting programming without knowing the concepts.

Of course when you have questions you can always as the forum, but it is not the please to learn the basics concepts of OutSystems. The site is a much better (and fun) place for that.