Problem with multilanguage transformation in a web application

Hello everyone!

I'm developing a web application and want to translate the language from portuguese to english, i saw the vídeo tutorial (Master Class on Multi-Language) several times it looks easy but in my case it doesn't translate any word.

In the folder "multilingual locales" i open the en-US but the column "translation in" is completely empty, i don´t understand.

Shouldn´t outsystems automatically translate my words? 

Thanks everyone in advance!


First , the default language is English so, I don't know exactly what is the behavior in your case. 

 But, in any case you must provide the translations you need!

The platform only suggest the texts that, probably, you must translate. 




Hi Tiago,

You have to provide the translations yourself using the Translations Editor.

Here are the steps described on how to make an application multilingual, it explains how to create the translations and how to set the current locale of your application to the language of your choice.

OutSystems does not translate for you. You have to provide the translations at design time, then at runtime using the SetCurrentLocale build in function the application can be shown in the language you choose.




"OutSystems does not translate for you"

That's it Daniël!

I have all the logical but no words to replace, i create some words and now yes it translate.

I thought that outsystems do it by itself but no.