Assign a value to a Text or Expression Control from a Server Action

I would like to change the text in a Text or Expression control when a dropdown change event fires. After placing an Assign action on the OnChange action I cannot find the Text Widget in the Assignments Select Variables dialogue. Is there anyway to change a control's text on a Server Action? Thanks.

Assuming that your control is tied to a variable, when your onChange dropdown happens, assign the value on the variable you wanted to change as well and call the ajax refresh for that control.

For further understanding, can you post screenshot of what you are trying to achieve?

Hi Kevin,

In the expression editor window (Assignments Select Variables) dialogue, do you find a folder called "Widgets"? If you expand the items inside, you should be able to find your Text Widget, sometimes it is nested inside a Form, Table, or a Container.

Could you confirm if you are able to progress?

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Hi Kevin
Follow 4 simple steps

1. Add Varible for expression

2.Add Expression with name

3.Use variable in expression

4. on onchange refresh expression


Thanks for the responses. I was missing the Ajax Refresh.