How to use a web app or mobile app created with Outsystems for commercial use?

Hi, I started the free trial some months ago and already learned a lot about Outsystems, now that I feel prepared I would like to create a site and a mobile app and make it public for customers, but I got lots of questions that couldn't find help here. 

-How much space does a Outsystems database for mobile app has? And where can I see how much space is free now? 

-Do I need the 'Enterprise' or 'Universal' editions to make it commercial? 

-Now that the web app is ready, how can I use it with the domain I want (without the "")?

Sorry for so many questions, but I've done some of the Guided Paths but they only teach how to build the web and mobile app's.


Hi Rui,

Remember, your personal account is for personal use only, not for production. If in any moment you loose your data, is your responsibility.

You can see your free space in your personal environment lifetime: (replace the x's) and select your environment in the bottom of the page.

Hope this can help.

Best regards,

Ricardo Pereira


Hi Rui,

You have 2GB that can be checked here: 

Answering the other question, Outsystems documented the differences between the Free, Enterprise and Universal in the web site on the following link: .

Hope it helps,