Does anyone have experience with unit or system testing on the Agile Platform? Do you have a sollution / standard method for it?

And for webservices, what are your expriences with tools like SOATest, SoapUI etc.?

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Matthias Preuter
Did someone worked with the "Test automator" from the community or had some experiences with the Selenium test suite?

I'm curious about your experience with automated testing of application or services build on the Agile Platform.

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Matthias Preuter

 Hi Matthias,


I've done some test with it and have written some tips in a powerpoint althought it was a long time ago.

If I remember correctly to make this work you need to name your application widgets, you need to make some screens that would bootstrap/clean up data in your tests and call those screens first. I remember that making ajax tests was also a bit difficult because you needed to wait.

You need to install JRE in your server.

For the process to work you also need to make sure you fix the tests ASAP otherwise tests will just become a pain in the process.

I haven't updated the Selenium IDE in a long time also, if you figure out how to do it let me know so I can update that solution.


Let me know if you need any more specific help.




Hi Matthias,

We are currently using Selenium scripts in an application. We are not yet running those tests in an automated way. They are being run, on demand, by our team.
The process is as follows.
- Sprint starts
- During scrum meetings (or when required) the regression team element(s) are updated on what is changing in the application, so they can be ready to adapt the tests.
- Developers are aware of the requirements (best pratices) for running the tests smoothly (for instance naming all widgets).
- In some occasions the developer creating tests needs some "shortcuts" on the application to increase test productivity (ex: a hidden label with some information to help selenium handling ajax events) - This is depending on the type of application.
- Sprint Ends. Solution is published to quality assurance environment
- The regression team runs all tests (on QA environment) and adapts them knowing what has changed in the sprint. We still have some tests bound to specific data, so they only work on one environment

The tests are run manually.

Our next steps in order to use the TestAutomator on several environments:
- Remove data dependencies of the tests: We have an espace whose single job is to return values to use in tests; instead of having the test created with fixed variables, we access this espace screen to fetch variable data. We need to use this in all variables.
- Create bootstrap / cleanup tests: A test should be able to create its own precondition. In some cases several configurations are required. These configurations for the test should be part of the test itself. They can be reusable across test scripts (via suites). They will ensure that a test can be run across environments with disparate data.
- Optimize a bit the way TestAutomator loads tests. We use a filestructure for the tests that allows us to reuse tests (instead of actually having the test files, in some occasions we use a shortcut to that test file in the "parent test"). Our espace will automate the filestructure generation based on the shortcuts (iterates through all shortcuts and replaces them with the actual test file).

We are going to do this effort in a near future, so I shall give you some news on how we automated this process.
Question for OutSystems: are there any plans to integrate testing within the Agile Platform? Automated testing greatly reduces the testing effort within a project, specially in second and further releases.
any news about integrated automated testing in agile platform?

Hello Aditya,

You can use the Test Manager component for automated unit and integration regression testing in the Agile Platform.