[OutSystems.AI Chatbot] Bot timeout error

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Published on 2019-12-23 by Rui Parente
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Published on 2019-12-23 by Rui Parente


I have configured everything according to the tutorial. After changing the messaging endpoint in azure, whenever I try to get a reply from the bot, I receive timeout errors.

The timeout error can be seen in service center:

(BotError: Failed to send activity: bot timed out, Action: AzureBotFramework.DL_Conversation_PostActivities)

I can see error logs also in the direct line channel in azure:

I've also tested in web chat with the same result:

What might be the problem? I double checked the endpoint, microsoft id, secret and revised the tutorial once again..

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Hello Lorena,

Two questions to try to troubleshoot the problem:

1. If you run your webhook in Debug mode, do you receive the message in the webhook?

2. Are you finishing the flow of the GetMessageResponse with the assign of the message information to send back to the bot?



Hi Bruno,

1. I set a breakpoint in the beginning of the GetMessageResponse action but it isn't caught. 

2. As I'm just at the configuration part I haven't changed the default implementation, so yes, the action is finishing with the response information, just changed the reply instead of "echo" into some dummy text.

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I think an important aspect is also the fact that the same behavior happens when I test in the web chat, directly in Azure..

Can you please share the endpoint you configured in Azure?

We can double check if it has the right format.


For confidentiality reasons I blurred a part of the URL.


Can you confirm me, is it possible to access that endpoint from outside of your network?

Unfortunately no, we have an IP restriction..

Azure Bot Framework is a cloud service, so it’s necessary to have connectivity between that service and your environment.

Without this connectivity it’s not possible to reach your webhook and retrieve the message to the user.

Makes sense?

Hi Bruno,

I apologize for the late reply. 

Makes sense, of course. I completely forgot about the IP restriction.

Thank you for your support!