Hi All,

We are currently experiencing an unknown behavior for iPhone X and above models, the problem is, after the Splash Screen loads the user is not redirected to the Login Screen but for other devices like Android and iPhone models below X it is working fine. This is already in the production environment can someone please helps us, we need to fix this ASAP. 

 - Outsystems Version 10.0.1010.0

Thanks and best regards,

Raphael Laurence Reyno

Hi Raphael,

The community may be able to help. However, as you have a production problem with what appears to be a platform bug, I highly recommend you create a support issue.

Also, be sure to provide as much information you can about the issue, any log files or errors you can find, even a sample oml file if possible.  The more relevant information you can gather, the more likely it is that someone can help identify and fix the problem for you.

Some questions/ideas for you.

Does it work correctly when you deploy it to a test iPhone X phone?

If you create a basic test application do you get the same issue? Are you running the latest mobile build service?

Are there any error messages, or logs that might be helpful.

Is there anything special/customised about your login screen, user provider or the login process?

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,