[File Viewer Plugin] FileViewer can't open file
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I was using the FileViewer Plugin to open a pdf.

 It was working, but now it says it's not possible to access the file. 

I do the savefile and then open it with the uri from the save file.

I already checked with the debug, all the plugins are available and it passes on the opendocument with success, don't give any error in the code. After the end it gives the error below. 


Can you confirm if the file is really on the folder?

Yes, i confirmed and it is there

And i also already tried to generate again


Can you attach the oml?


Did you managed to get it working?

I'm having the same problem here. Same flow and the result is the same - apps can't open the PDF. Testing in Android 10 the application.



Could you provide the oml or oap of an app in which the error occurs?

Also indicate the mabs version you used to build said app.

Try giving StorageTypeID internal in "SaveFile" Method.

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