Removing IOS Simulator from error ITMS-90087, ITMS-90209 and ITMS-90125

Just sharing the solution we applied to solved the errors from OSPhotoEditor plugin which app store decline to approved our IPA submission due to invalid version of 32 bit build

Go to Apple's Terminal, and update Xcode command-line tools by typing

xcode-select --install


xcode-select: note: install requested for command line developer tools

Once done, You have to run script in order to remove the simulator. This should be run via Apple's Terminal

ipo -remove i386 YourProj.framework/YourProj -output YourProj.framework/YourProj
lipo -remove x86_64 YourProj.framework/YourProj -output YourProj.framework/YourProj

After this you will see the file related to this build are removed on the folder on you project.

Hello Phillip,

Thanks, that is cool, but sharing a clone of the repository with the fix would be better, can you please share this with the plugin owner?


Apologize for the late revert. This was already coordinated on the author of the plugin. You can see his reply on attached picture.