how to implement a theme in web application

My designer have created below screen and I need to use that screen in my web application. How I can include this layout in my application.

Below screen is developed by designer in a project as theme of the project. Now I have to use this in my web application. Is it right way to use theme developed by designer.

Hi Vikas,

Knowledge in CSS will difinitely help. You can look at this Look and Feel documentation to how to implement it in Outsystems. I myself is not that good in front end so I am working directly with the 'designer' to help me work on my screen. I asked him to put the classes I need in OutSystems for me to use it on my screen.




Hi Vikas,

Apart from Jaun I would like to add few more points here. 

  • First thing to check is if your designer has created template in correct format or not. For this you can check this link - Creating Screen Template.
  • Understanding OutSystems UI Architecture. According to it your layout and theme are different. Theme is just the style sheet you prepare as per your company branding or any other design need

So in the theme your designers have prepared there should be two components. 

  1. Screen templates & 
  2. Theme css. 

Screen template you can select while creating any screen and theme you can simply select in your main flow properties.