Lifetime Services API - Invalid or expired token.


I'm trying to consume the Lifetime api but keep getting this error:

<User_CreateOrUpdateResponse xmlns="">
            <ResponseMessage>Invalid credentials provided in WS call.</ResponseMessage>
            <ResponseAdditionalInfo>Invalid or expired token.</ResponseAdditionalInfo>

I've created the token through "Lifetime -> User Management -> Service Accounts" and the username i'm passing is the one i use to login in Lifetime web app.

I've notice that in the documentation ( the token should be only Text (50) but the generated one is 258.

Any clue?


Hi Francisco,

If  I read you post correct you are trying to call the UserManagementService of the LifeTimeAPI.

The documentation states that you can call this server in two ways:

  1. by sending an authentication argument with username/password, or 
  2. use the AuthenticationService Web Service API to acquire a session token to send as argument

So you either generate the token and use that, or you use a LifeTime user account with enough rights (monitor & reuse) or use use the session token you can retrieve from the AuthenticationService.

You created a Service Account token in the LifeTime application, which maybe be not the same think as the session token returned by the AuthenticationService.



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for help, all good now!

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