Disable Local storages database

I'm creating a mobile wich I want to run in the browser.

This way the users dont have to install the app but can simply visit the URL.

On android this works great but on IOS its not.

I get the following error: " Your app requires native access to a Local Storage database that is not available in your browser."

I can fix the issue by changing the following setting in Safari: Options > Advanced > Experimental Features > turn off  "Disable Web SQL."

The problem now is that is have to change this setting on every IOS device in order to get this working.

Since my app does not use a local storage database, Is there a way to disable this feature and get the mobile app working again using the link, without changing any setting?


Found the solution!

By converting the app to a Reactive app, everything keeps working and the app is now usable on IOS unsing the broser