Is it possible to move data from one table to another?


I am trying to create a products traditional web where the product data from the Products table will be moved into the Transactions table once the product is sold. How do I go about doing this? Is it possible to transfer data from one table to another?



You can fetch the information from Products and create a new record in Transactions, mapping the fields. Afterwards, delete the copied record from the Products table.


Hi Hamzah,

Of course I don't know your business case, but don't you just need a ProductId in the Transaction entity to reference the product, instead of copying multiple product fields?




From what I think you are asking, It looks like you're copying information from one entity to a similar, but different entity.

What you're going to want to do is add a Local Variable to the CreateRateCardLines action of type RateCardLines.

then add an assign statement before the CreateRateCardLines in the For Each which sets up that Local Variable with all of the information from the BaseCostLine that you're copying plus the percentage uplift that the user had entered.  Then use that as the source of the CreateRateCardLines.  Each time you'll be changing the data in that local variable and using it to create a the new RateCardLines.

Is this what you are looking for here?

Nuno Verdasca